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‘Celtics to go after Rudy Gobert’: Jazz star could join forces with Jayson Tatum and co. in Boston; reports claim (News)


The Celtics could be in the market for 2-time Defensive Player of the Year and Utah Jazz All Star Rudy Gobert.

The major hole in the Celtics’ roster is a lack of a big man who can hold his own against the best in the business. They were unable to contain first time All Star Bam Adebayo in the Conference Finals. They even faced problems against Serge Ibaka in the Conference Semis.

There’s belief within the Celtics organization that trading for a center this offseason is a priority.

Many believe that having made an All Star game appearance, Gobert will push for a supermax contract with the Jazz. Despite his stupendous abilities on the defensive end, he will clearly not be worth 35% of a team’s cap.

Celtics to go after Rudy Gobert; but does it make sense?

The Celtics are in one of the best positions to negotiate with the Jazz for Gobert, should they be shopping him. They have draft picks to offer, and if push comes to shove they can also offer the likes of Marcus Smart in the trade

The Jazz will not, however, be content to only take on Gordon Hayward’s contract, even if the Celtics sweeten the deal with a couple of picks. Gobert has franchise-changing potential. The Celtics will definitely be asked to involve Jaylen Brown in these trade talks, should they happen.

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Trading Brown to the Jazz would definitely be a step backward for a franchise that has the best young duo in the league. The Celtics’ best bet may be to look to the free agent market and bring Aron Baynes back to the team.

Gobert is not a player worth jeopardizing the franchise’s stable future for. With Jayson Tatum set to sign an extension to his rookie deal this offseason, moving towards getting an established player instead of his favorite gunning mate could serve counterproductively.



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