XFT vs JD Fantasy Prediction: Free of their shackles, Jiangsu look to prove their mettle against Xinjiang.

After four defeat on the run, the only way Jiangsu Dragons were going to register a win this season was if luck played its part for them. And luckily enough, luck decided to partake in the club’s foregone scrimmage to give the side its first win of CBA 2020-21.

A tie which looked headed towards another defeat for the club, Jilin decided they had, had enough. The side’s attack moved in unison as players complimented each other to come up with points at crucial junctures to see the club pull off a 114-113 win on the day.

While the result was just where the club fortuitously managed to scamper its way to the two points on offer, Jiangsu will be glad that the win came about in no matter which fashion. With the season offering putting of note for them, the one run win could end up being a defining moment for the club.

Probable Winner

As lucky as they were to win their first tie of the season the last time around, Jiangsu find themselves extremely unlucky today. They are paired up against a formidable opposition in the form of Xinjiang, a side which will be quick to guide Jiangsu back to their losing manners.

Probable Playing 5

Xinjiang Flying Tigers 

Qi, Tang, Jiang, Yu, Lin.

Jiangsu Dragons 

Huang, Liu, Shi, Wu, Yujia.

Best shooter

Xinjiang Flying Tigers – Tang: 24 Points.

Jiangsu Dragons – Shi: 31 Points.

Best defender

Xinjiang Flying Tigers – Qi: 20 Rebounds.

Jiangsu Dragons – Wu: 5 Rebounds.

XFT vs JD Fantasy Prediction

Point Guard

Had it not been for the services of Hongfei Shi the last time he stepped out onto the middle, the Dragons would have ended up losing yet another encounter. The point guard was the club’s game winner of the day, dropping a behemoth 31 points in the tie to see him become a must have pick for us today.

Shooting Guard

Up against one of the worst defensive units in the league, Yu Dehao from Xinjiang made for too good a player to let out of our side. His intricate brand of shooting is set to see him take to the contest like a fish takes to water.

Small Forward

Linking up with him is Caiyu Tang who went on a 24 point rampage the last time around, one where he backtracked on ample occasions to deliver the offhanded shots for his team.

Qi Lin joins up with the two with him delivering 24 points as well in the scrimmage, a performance which provided just the shot in the arm to guide them past their opposition in a hotly contested affair.

Power Forward

He is bound to be utilised frugally but Liang Yingqi is capable of rifling his way to a string of points in the paint in those meagre minutes to see him become the latest addition from the sixth placed side.

His crossovers and handles have seen Zheng Qilong become an extremely tricky player to defend against with that skill set seeing him shoot 12 points for his side the last time around.


The player of the season last time around, Zhou Qi’s insatiable appetite to clinch the title yet again has seen him come hot out of the blocks. He ended up with a game winning double-double for his team in the bygone skirmish, one which sees him retain his place in our side. Jiangsu will meanwhile be represented by the plucky and gritty Yuxuan Liu.

Star Player

His double-double sees Qi be our star player for today while Shi is the pro player.

Fantasy Team

Shi, Dehao, Lin, Tang, Qilong, Yingqi, Qi, Liu

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Fantasy Team Disclaimer

All our selections are based on in-depth and astute analysis of the players partaking in the match and a perusal of other reasoning. Please incorporate a slew of factors while crafting your own side with this article serving as a guide to the match and players.


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