“Verstappen-specific setting may be the reason behind the problem”- Mika Hakkinen on why Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon failed to perform at Red Bull.

The two time Formula 1 champion Mika Hakkinen came in to support Alex Albon as his time with Red Bull is under scrutiny. The Finnish driver mentioned that the Max Verstappen approach by the team is the central issue behind the overall problem.

“As I said before, Red Bull is suffering a lot from racing by becoming a one-car team, and again it was very difficult for Alex Albon, who was also overtaken by his teammate,” Hakkinen wrote on his blog at Unibet.

“It’s very unusual, as Alex is an extremely talented pilot, as Pierre Gasly was before, but it still seems to be a huge difficulty to drive the other Red Bull.”

“I am sure Christian Horner also recognizes the importance of finding a solution to this problem soon. A Verstappen-specific setting may be behind the problems, and it’s very spectacular how much Pierre has performed since returning to Red Bull’s second team. ”

Alex Albon might not face the axe

Despite the rumours of Albon set to face an axe by Red Bull, the trends thought incline that he is going to stay at Red Bull for another year.

Meanwhile, Red Bull is reportedly also in touch with Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez to drive for the primary team.

On the other hand, Gasly had been confirmed to drive for Alpha Tauri for another season while Yuki Tsounda is set to gain promotion and might partner Gasly.

Thus, Red Bull might not make a knee-jerk move to abandon Albon, as he is a talented driver and may become an asset in foresight.

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