Chris Ballard wrote about Stephen Curry after his first-ever NBA game, and oh how badly has that aged.

Stephen Curry did not have the best start to what is now an excellent career. His first few years were ruled by injuries to his ankles. It was partially the reason Curry signed a $44 mil, 4-year contract extension with the Warriors back in 2014.

Even before Curry was drafted, there was a lot of speculation on how far his progression in the career would be. Curry was smaller than a lot of other candidates on his draft class and his fragility was a cause of concern.

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“He’s not going to be a spot-up shooter”: Chris Ballard on Stephen Curry

Chris Ballard wrote a big article on Stephen Curry after Curry made his NBA debut.

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He mentioned a lot of points about Curry and how he saw the then Warriors’ rookie’s career go. While a lot of his points were spot on, one was way off the mark. Ballard mentioned that Curry is not going to be a spot-up shooter. His exact line was:

“First off, he’s not a lights-out shooter to begin with, a misconception that might linger.”

Ballard wouldn’t really want to visit that article of his now, with Curry having become one of the greatest three point shooters that the game has and will ever see.

Curry is #3 on the all-time 3 point shots made list, and he just is 31. He is expected to pass #1 Ray Allen and #2 Reggie Miller within the span of the next two seasons.

Stephen Curry holds the NBA record for most 3 pointers made in a single season, with 402 3s in the 2015-16 season. Curry is probably the most dangerous person from beyond the arc in this league and can not be given any space to get a shot off.

Looking back, Stephen Curry’s injuries caused the Warriors to draft their big 3, and things turned out well for the Dubs. They hope to make a comeback to championship contention this season, with both Curry and Klay healthy again.


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