Paimon dies in Genshin Impact? News of Paimon’s death in Genshin Impact Version 1.1 update surfaced all over the Internet recently. But is any of it true?

Paimon’s death in Genshin Impact Version 1.1 update.

As per the reports, Paimon’s death occurs as Paimon & the Traveller are on their way to Dragonspine, a new region coming to the game. On their way there, they are escorted by Zhongli, a friend to the traveller and Xiao, another playable character. However, as it turns out, Xiao is also a member of the Fatui and has fallen out with them recently. So, on his way to Dragonspine, the Fatui are chasing him down.

Now, as the group become aware of this impending danger, Xiao decides to separate from the group to save his mates. He feels that the Fatui is only after him. So, if he goes his separate way, they should leave the Traveller and Zhongli alone. However, as he’s about to leave… wait for it… ahem, ahem… Xiao grabs Paimon, kills her with his spear and eats her!

Okay, sorry about that. Maybe we shouldn’t have kept you in the dark for so long but the meme has to go on, right? Most of you have probably understood what we’re getting at by now. Xiao “eats” her? ahem, ahem.

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Paimon dies in Genshin Impact? The meme that crossed the line.

We’re not sure of the exact origins of this comprehensive meme. But, some claim to have found it on Reddit while others have no idea. Popular Genshin Impact YouTuber, Tectone, also decided to join in on the fun and made a whole meme video about it. In it, he references Xiao as “Jo Mama”.

For those of you who don’t know what we’re getting at, Paimon has been the subject of a certain type of meme for a while now. Given how incredibly cute and charming she is, fans consider her edible and call her emergency food. And this audacious, well-thought meme works right into that.

Sorry if we click-baited you, but we really wanted in on this too. Anyway, rumours and memes aside, if you actually wish to find out more about the upcoming updates, head on over to this article.


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