“I put pressure on Lawrence Stroll”- Bernie Ecclestone claims he helped Sebastian Vettel to get a seat in Racing Point after exiting from Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel to Racing Point gained a huge amount of heat after the German driver announced his exit from Ferrari. However, the confirmation of the deal took months as the team owned by Lawrence Stroll was considering all the conditions.

Amidst all of this, former F1 owner Bernie Ecclestone has claimed that he played a key role in Vettel getting a seat in Racing Point, which triggers the exit of Sergio Perez from the team.

According to Ecclestone, he and Vettel are still close to each other, while he also told that he also pressured Lawrence Stroll to finalize the deal with the German.

“Yes, we still call each other often,” says Ecclestone about his relationship with Vettel in an interview with Sport1. “I listen to him and then give my opinion on certain things. I also helped him with the deal with Aston Martin.”

“I put pressure on Lawrence Stroll (the owner of Racing Point, ed.) And told him to choose Sebastian. I told him how good he is and that it would be a win-win situation if it came to a deal. I think my arguments convinced him, “estimates Ecclestone.

Sebastian Vettel has to agree that Charles Lecler is superior.

Even though Vettel is still an excellent according to Ecclestone, he has to acknowledge his superiority this year in teammate Charles Leclerc. However, according to Ecclestone, this has everything to do with interests within Ferrari.

“Ferrari has never exactly been a transparent team and politics play a major role,” said Ecclestone. “Only in Michael Schumacher’s time was all noses in the same direction.

“Sebastian is a super talent, just like Leclerc. It’s good that he has a new challenge at Aston Martin next year. There he will show what he can do to the people. who doubt him. ”

Though, even Vettel has conceded to the fact that Leclerc is performing at a different level this season and he is just serving his remaining time with the Tifosi.


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