AMD announced their 6000 series GPUs yesterday and, to be honest, they have given Nvidia a run for their money. One of the many highlights of the presentation was a nifty new feature called RAGE mode. 

So what is Rage Mode?

Cringy-names aside, the Rage mode allows you to one-click overclock your 6000 series graphics card to squeeze the last bit of inherent performance it has. Rage mode also leverages 5000 series processors from Zen 3 and gives you an even bigger performance boost than if you were using any other CPU.

This is because of AMD’s new Smart Access Memory in which it will use the System’s memory as well to boost performance. However, it should be noted that users might not see as big of an uplift in performance if they use other CPUs while using Rage Mode. Never before, has making an all-AMD PC seemed so enticing!

6800 XT: the 3080 killer?

Here is the exciting part: the 6800 XT was giving slightly more FPS than the RTX 3080 without being on Rage Mode. That’s right, after putting it on rage mode, the 6800 XT showed up to double-digit improvements above the 3080 in some games.

  • Not to mention that the 6800 XT has a TDP of 300W compared to the 3080’s 320W TDP. So, you get all this performance without having as much of a Power Load on your PC. The performance per Watt saw a 30% increase from previous-gen GPUs by AMD.
  • The boost clocks of the 6800 XT is 2.25 GHz and that too at a lower TDP.
  • The 6800XT comes with a VRAM of 16 gigs of GDDR6 Memory compared to the 3080’s 10 gigs of GDDR6X Memory.
  • Now here is the bang for the buck part, the 6800 XT will be retailing for $649. This is 50 dollars cheaper than the 3080!

6800: The true 2080 Ti killer?

Next up, we have the 6800 which is no slouch either.

  • It is going to retail for $579. AMD has intended this to be the RTX 2080Ti killer.
  • For  that price, it is able to give you far better performance in some games while slightly better performance in other games. Whether it is a better but for the price than the RTX 3070, we will have to wait and watch.
  • The TDP of the 6800 is 250W.

6900 XT: The 3090 Killer (Sometimes)

Last but not least, the 6900 XT. This card dishes out better performance than the 3090 at just $999.

  • There is a catch though, the numbers showed by AMD are the 6900XT on Rage Mode. How the 6900 XT wil fare without being overclocked, we will have to wait and see.
  • The amazing part here is that the TDP of the 6900 XT is 300W. That’s right, it dishes out 3090 levels of performance for 50W less power consumption. Not to mention, other AIBs have made higher TDP versions of the 3090 as well, for more performance of course.
  • The game clocks of the 6900 XT are 2.015 GHz. The boost clocks are the same as the 6800 XT at 2.25 GHz.
  • The 6900 XT however has 16 gigs of GDDR6 VRAM compared to the 3090’s colossal 24 gigs of GDDR6X.

To check out AMD’s presentation on YouTube, click here.


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