Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team got a win on Sunday over the Dallas Cowboys, but the head coach had his biggest win off the field this week. Rivera finished his last round of cancer treatments for Squamous Cell Carcinoma and celebrated the accomplishment in the hospital.

Rivera had quite the welcoming at his treatment center, as he was greeted by medical workers wearing “Rivera Strong” shirts. As he walked down the hallway they shook pom poms, rang cowbells and threw confetti.

He was then presented with a poster displaying a cancer ribbon and the Washington Football team logo.

The person who present him with the gift said it was in “recognition of courage and perseverance.” Everyone who worked with Rivera will sign it and the hospital plans to frame it for the HC.

Rivera was in a Washington Football mask and waved to those working, thanking them. 

He then rang the bell signifying he was done with his treatment.

Rivera celebrated the moment on Twitter as well, showing just how far he has come.

Washington’s new coach got the diagnosis before the season, and has been going through treatment while coaching.

The coach previously opened up about his diagnosis, saying, “When I first was diagnosed, I was angry. And then as I’ve kind of gone through this, it’s ‘Why me?’ But people have reached out and talked to me and have given me their examples or their well wishes. It helps push me forward because when you go through this you need a support system and when you have the right type of people pushing you, man, I’ll tell you what, it really helps get your momentum pushing forward.”

Washington raised $30,000 from players and others around the league purchasing cardboard cutouts to replace fans in the stands.

His team has also supported him by wearing “Rivera Strong” t-shirts on the sidelines.


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