Cam Newton played horrendously on Sunday, and ex-QB Jeff Garcia couldn’t help but take a shot at Newton’s outfit. He questioned why Newton dressed the way he did if his play didn’t back it up.

Yes, Newton didn’t have his finest game against the 49ers, but calling into question his choice of clothing seems a bit extreme. Why did Garcia feel this way and what did he have to say about Cam Newton?

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Jeff Garcia’s Reaction to Cam Newton’s Outfits

Here’s exactly what the former quarterback had to say about Newton’s closet.

“There’s nothing good going your way,. So why are you dressing like that to bring more attention to yourself? I’d be trying to ask the equipment managers: Put me in your jock sock cart and sneak me in the back door and I’ll show up on the field and do the best that I can.

“This just goes back to a couple years of just watching this guy and seeing him at the podium, but yet what he’s doing on the field does not translate to being that guy.”

So, has Newton’s play really been that bad? To be frank, yes it has. The last two weeks have seen Newton play two good defenses in a row, and both times Newton has failed to deliver.

However, many people are questioning why Jeff Garcia even has the audacity to say all this about another person’s clothing. Garcia never fared much better as a starter than Newton, so why does he get to call out Cam for wearing what he wants to?

So, was the reaction warranted? Certainly not, however Garcia wasn’t off the mark when he talked about Newton’s play.

Cam Newton In a Funk?

Patriots fans can only hope that Newton is simply experiencing a slump after recovering from COVID-19. Newton went 17/25 for 157 yards and two interceptions in a loss to the Broncos last week and followed that up with a 9/15 for 98 yards and three interception performance against San Francisco, all while being benched eventually.

The 49ers loss was historic for all the wrong reasons.

The Patriots offense has struggled the last three weeks, and as a result they find themselves at third place in the AFC East with a 2-4 record.

However, to blame Newton completely for his failure the last two weeks avoids a much more pressing issue for the Patriots. They simply don’t have a talented wide-receiver core at the moment. Newton’s best weapon is Julian Edelman who functions more as a slot receiver than a true #1 guy.

Apart from that, the receiving core is inexperienced and lacks skill. After all, that is why Brady decided to leave to Tampa Bay and join a team which featured two pro-bowl receivers.

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