SL Vs SA Fantasy Team Overview, Match Centre And Probable Playing 5: Two clubs fast regressing in the league look to wrench out of their quagmire they go at loggerheads today.

Ever since their opening win, nothing has clicked for Shenzhen Aviators. Rather than utilising their season opening as a foundation for consummate success, the team has nosedived with three defeats in succession seeing the side plunge down all the way into 14th place.

This is a team which is fast taking on shape as a side anyone would love coming across. Mere sitting ducks when it comes to defending, Shenzhen’s complete failure to protect their rim and register boards has left the club as a mere bystander in its contests, a peril the side needs to address at the earliest plausible.

Elsewhere, their adversaries of the day, Shanxi Loongs haven’t covered themselves in glory either in CBA 2020-21. Akin to Shenzhen, Shanxi have failed to register a win after its first game with the side recording two defeats on the bounce ever since.

SL Vs SA Fantasy Probable Winner

 Two sides in a soup, both due to their lax defences clash heads in a must win tie for either side. This has all the makings of a points galore contest, a high scoring tie which we see swinging in Shenzhen’s favour owing to their ability to drop points all over the court.

Probable Playing 5

Shanxi Loongs

Ren, Chang, Ge, Yi, Tian


Xining, Yang, Quan, Lu, Shen

Match Details

ACB La Liga 2020-21

Match: Shanxi Vs Shenzhen

Date And Time: 27th October, Tuesday: 8:30am

Best Shooter

 Shanxi Loongs


Best Defender

Shanxi Loongs


Bygone Encounter

Zhejiang Vs Shanxi: 105-93

Guangsha Vs Shenzhen: 99-88

Fantasy Picks

Point Guard

His side might be dwindling in form but Yang Linyi is moving in an opposing direction to that his side is taking. He’s enamoured the league’s viewers with his flawless ability to work the zone and lay down triples, a skill set which saw him drop 14 points the last time around.

Where Shenzhen have Linyi, Shanxi on the other hand have Hanjun Chang. The club’s point guard has been the fulcrum of his side’s attacking gameplan, a player who has done it all as was paid testament to in his 15 point, 4 assist and 2 rebound display the last time around.

Shooting Guard

At a measly 5 credits, there was no player offering more sublime value than Zhangdong Zhou. He’s been a force to be reckoned with his ball handling abilities seeing him end up with 12 points and 9 assists the last time around.

Small Forward

Quan Gu needs to dole out a spitting image of his display the last time around if Shenzhen are to slaw their way out of the soup they find themselves in at the moment. He delivered 15 points the last time he stepped out, a clean show of shooting field points.

Li Xiang had a steady 8 points and 8 rebounds in that contest to see him form the one-two of picks from the land of the club.

Power Forward

Lu Yiwen is yet to find the consistency which will make him a part of his side’s shooting rotations but he’s showed what he’s capable of when he comes alive with 11 points the last time around.

Shanxi will see us rope in Zhijiang Xing who had 7 points for his club in the foregone skirmish.


Zijie Shen is waging a lone battle all across the field for his side. The Shanxi centre registered 11 points and 12 rebounds the last time around, a tantalising performance which showcased the gamut of his wordclass expertise.

Star Player

That double-double sees Shen be our star player while Linyi is the pro player.

Fantasy Team

Linyi, Chang, Zhou, Gu, Xiang, Yiwen, Xing, Shen

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Fantasy Team Disclaimer

All our selections are based on in-depth and astute analysis of the players partaking in the match and a perusal of other reasoning. Please incorporate a slew of factors while crafting your own side with this article serving as a guide to the match and players.


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