It’s an open secret that Shaq has never liked Dwight Howard. He took exception to the latter’s approach to celebrating his first championship with the Lakers.

Shaq’s dislike for Howard dates back to 2008, when Howard suited up as Superman for the Dunk Contest. Superman was one of Shaq’s favorite sobriquets, and he didn’t like giving it up to somebody else during his playing days.

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Shaq has featured Dwight on many of his Shaqtin-a-Fool segments over the years. He just seems to have it out for the former Magic center.

Shaquille O’Neal criticizes Dwight Howard for ‘over-the-top’ championship celebration

According to Shaquille O’Neal, many Lakers players celebrated their championship as if they were ‘primarily responsible’ for the win. He thought many of these guys are front-running and doing nothing of substance for the team.

“You know what I don’t like about a lot of players?” Shaq asked during his guest appearance. “There are a lot of players on their little Instagram accounts bragging that they were the reason they got the championship.

“Post one pic and sit yo ass down…Shut yo a** up,” Shaq added of Dwight’s post-game celebration. “You ain’t do nothing.”

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Not only has Shaq got it in for Dwight Howard, he’s also been merciless with JaVale McGee in the past. McGee has stated that continually featuring on Shaqtin segments adversely affected his confidence on the basketball court.

It’s clear that Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t particularly like the current crop of basketball players. He might, however, do better than playing the bitter old man complaining about everything in order to gain more admirers.

He’s had his day in the sunshine already, it’s time to gracefully cede the stage to the talents of the day. It reeks of a childish attitude to see a living legend be so petty about current players.


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