SH Vs GLL Fantasy Team Overview, Match Centre And Probable Playing 5: Guangzhou look to build on their first win of the season.

After two defeats to open their 2020-21 sojourn in the CBA, Guangzhou Loong Lions finally managed to get the sweet taste of success. And it came around in overwhelming fashion as well with the team going for the sucker punch from minute one, a gameplan which paid off for them on the day.

The 92-73 triumph was a show of emphatic and pulsating attacking basketball from the club, a much needed display after a languid start to the season. It was just the shot in the arm the club needed ahead of its travails today when it goes visiting Shandong Heroes.

In 6th place with the two wins and one defeat, Shandong will be elated with their start to life in the league. The 87-69 win the side record the last time around was a well rounded and complete display, one which alludes towards further promising things for the club.

Probable Winner

With either side looking to build on their respective wins, we are set to be in for a closely contested affair. What works in Shandong Heroes’ favour is their ability to win the battle of the boards, defensive might and resolve which will see them peddle out a second win on the bounce. 

Probable Playing 5

Shandong Heroes 

Wang, Li, Tao, Chen, Wu

Guangzhou Loong Lions

Yao, Sun, Kai, Tian, Kun

Match Details 

ACB La Liga 2020-21

Match: Heroes Vs Loong Lions 

Date And Time: 25th October, Sunday: 8:30am

Best Shooter

Shandong Heroes 

Guangzhou Loong Lions

Best Defender

Shandong Heroes 

Guangzhou Loong Lions

Bygone Encounter

Shandong Vs Nanjing: 87-69

Guangzhou Vs Dragons: 92-73

SH Vs GLL Fantasy Team Picks

Point Guard

Shiyan Gao pulled off a spectacular performance the last time around. The Shandong Heroes man came up with a gripping showing of basketball, one which saw him make his presence felt all across the court as he dropped 16 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds. 

He formed a daunting partnership with Corperryale Manny Harris who himself had a gargantuan 21 points and 7 rebounds with the two moving in unison to quash the opposition.

The most heavily engaged in docket of our side will also feature a pick from Guangzhou Loong Lions. Dallas Moore needed all of 24 minutes to register 18 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds for his side, a worldclass performance which epitomised his stature as a worldclass name. 

Shooting Guard 

Shandong Heroes had their attacking gameplan to thank for their opening win of the season. And ensuring it was executed perfectly on the court was Zhang Hui who helped himself to a neat 17 points as he opened the zone to lay down the triples with ease.

Small Forward

Not only did he end up cantering his way into the opposition’s paint to register 14 points but more importantly was a force to be reckoned with inside the paint as well as he accrued 8 rebounds to see us rope in Mingyang Sun.

Power Forward

The 17-10 Jiao Hailong had to his name was indicative of his expansive skill set. It was a sublime performance from his hands, one which saw him not only line up the reverse scoops but win a string of second chance points as well.

He might only be utilised as a substitute but that does little to deter us from opting for Isaac Haas. At just 7 credits, he’s someone who offers a steady source of points, a player capable of using his ball handling abilities to keep the ball moving quickly.


Completing our set of picks for the upcoming encounter will be Hanlin Tao from the Heroes unit after he went berserk to rake up 17 points and 12 rebounds in his kitty.

Star Player

With an all-round showing the last time around, Gao will be inducted in our team as the star player while Moore is the pro player.

Fantasy Team

Gao, Moore, Harris, Hui, Sun, Hailong, Haas, Tao

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Fantasy Team Disclaimer

All our selections are based on in-depth and astute analysis of the players partaking in the match and a perusal of other reasoning. Please incorporate a slew of factors while crafting your own side with this article serving as a guide to the match and players.


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