Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso Hell in a Call ‘I Quit’ match consequences revealed. The two will battle inside the Steel structure for the Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso will continue their storyline at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. Not only will they fight inside the steel structure, but the match will also have high stakes. The ‘I Quit’ match between the cousins will bring an end to their feud one way or the other.

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Reigns, who views himself as the Tribal Chief, was left hurting by the lack of acknowledgement by Jey despite the challenger staring at the lights by the end of the match. The next time they came face to face, Roman laid another challenge but promised consequences to their battle. The consequences were finally revealed on Friday night SmackDown.

Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso Hell in a Call ‘I Quit’ match consequences revealed

In the final segment of the night, Jey appeared to break into Reigns’ locker room. However, it turned out to be Jimmy as Jey suddenly attacked Roman. Paul Heyman then handed the mic into the Universal Champions hand.

Reigns then announced that if he quits on Sunday then he will no longer be the face of WWE and rescind from his position as the provider of the bloodline. However, if Jey quits, then he and his entire family will be excommunicated from the Anoa’i Family. Unless the Usos fall in line and acknowledge him as the true Tribal Chief.

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