Otis vs Miz announced for the Money in the Bank contract at Hell in a Cell. The A-Lister earned the match after paying off the Judge to rule in his favor.

Miz was granted a match against Money in the Bank winner Otis for the coveted contract on tonight’s episode of SmackDown. The match was announced after JBL, the, judge ruled in favor of the A-Lister who had taken Otis to court.

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The Miz had levied several charges against Otis, including creating a hostile work environment and causing emotional and physical stress. Otis, who was defending himself, responded with the defence that he deserved the contract because he had won it in the ladder match.

Otis vs Miz announced for the Money in the Bank contract at Hell in a Cell

Just before JBL ruled in favor of the original holder, Miz offered to present one last piece of evidence. JBL then did a U-turn and rule in Miz’s favor. While not stated explicitly, it was hinted that Miz had offered bribe to JBL and the former WWE Champion was persuaded by the green.

Miz had originally demanded for Otis to be stripped off the contract. Instead however, the two will now duke it out on Sunday to determine who gets to own the Money in the bank contract coming out of Hell in a Cell.

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