“It’s not my problem”- Alex Albon on his troubling days at Red Bull with Christian Horner giving him an ultimatum publically.

Alex Albon’s days at Red Bull might soon come to an end, with the bosses of Red Bull are keeping higher expectations, which for some reason he is not able to fulfil.

The team principal Christian Horner on Saturday even clearly said that Albon has to remain close to Max Verstappen if he wants to keep his seat.

When asked about to this to Albon, the Thai driver said that in the end he has to complete the job and is aware how the things in F1 work.

“I know I’ve got to get the job done. There’s no secret in this sport. But otherwise, the way I approach it is the same as I would in a normal weekend.” he said.

“I feel the qualifying [sessions] have been improving. Yeah, of course, there is still a gap but I feel like things are coming together a bit more.”

“And I just need, you know, good weekends, clean weekends. I think that’s important,” Albon said in a Red Bull press event

“It’s not my problem”- Words don’t affect Albon

Albon has said that the words in media or the hierarchy’s statements in open is not going to affect him as it is not his job to think about his successors.

“That’s not my job. It’s not my problem. My job is to stay in that pool. I am confident in my own abilities,” he says. The fact that the names of Hulkenberg and Perez are falling more and more does little to him.”

“Their names don’t really mean anything to me. I’m just focused on my job and working with the team to get the best results I can.”


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