Michael Jordan was, at one point in time, the most famous man on earth. He never liked it too much, however, and he believes that in this day and age, he wouldn’t have liked it.

Despite having retired over 17 years ago now, Jordan is still the most famous person in basketball quite comfortably. Debates rage on with full vigour as to how he would fare in the modern game.

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Jordan’s GOAT status was in little doubt up until 4 years ago even on social media. With the current boom of people weighing in on it online, Jordan stans would’ve had a field day.

Michael Jordan explains the difficulties in getting privacy for a top athlete

Jordan has been a relatively low-profile person ever since his final retirement from the game. He values his privacy and free time, and rarely does he agree to an interview.

On this particular occasion, however, he got to talk about his other interests in life including cigars, which is what tempted him to agree to a sit-down. Talking to Cigar Aficionado, Jordan talked about the impact social media has had on the likes of Tiger Woods today:

“Tiger [Woods] played at his peak somewhere toward the end of my career. Then, what changed from that time-frame to now is social media — Twitter and all those types of things. And that has invaded the personalities and personal time of individuals.”

“It’s to the point where some people have been able to utilize it to their financial gain and things of that nature. But for someone like myself — and this is what Tiger deals with — I don’t know if I could’ve survived in this Twitter [era], where you don’t have the privacy that you’d want and what seems to be very innocent can always be misinterpreted.”

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In the same interview, Jordan emphasized that superteams are ruining the quality of competition in the modern NBA. It’s been a superteaming frenzy across the league since 2007 and Danny Ainge’s trades for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.


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