It sounds like a crazy thing for most people, but a rumor of a person removing his rearview mirrors was lent credence owing to it being Jimmy Butler.

The embattled All Star has had a rough ride through life. He’s had to make the best of some bad situations all his life. His dogged determination and drive to succeed has landed him the respect he has today.

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The NBA Most Improved Player of 2014-15 signed a max contract with the Chicago Bulls in the summer of 2015. Shortly after, rumors of him having removed rearview mirrors on his car emerged.

Jimmy Butler denies removing rearview mirrors on The Starters

After the Bulls missed the playoffs for the first time in 8 years, Butler appeared on popular pre-game show The Starters in May 2016. He cleared the air regarding the rumor. He was first asked by JE Skeets on the show.

“No, it’s not true. I have a rear view mirror in all my cars.”

Skeets pressed on: “There was a story run by ESPN last year that you had removed the rearview mirror on your car.”

Butler was quick to cut him off: “It would have been really cool if that was true!”

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Butler has been one of the more successful guys in the league of late. Despite missing the All Star game in 2019, he was the 76ers’ most important player in the playoffs last year. Many Philly fans were aggrieved that their front office messed up re-signing him.

This season, he led the Heat to a 5th placed finish in the Conference over the Sixers. He then helped sweep the Pacers, before taking over their second round series against league leaders Milwaukee.

The Celtics were able to contain him for a bit offensively. But the Lakers twice faced the full might of his offensive excellence in 2 Finals games. Butler has emerged this year with increased laurels in the playoffs.


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