I’d like to start things off here by thanking Cody Benjamin for holding down the fort on Wednesday. I tried to call him to personally thank him, but apparently, he has my number blocked because of all the texts I’ve been sending him (I text him a picture of a band-aid every time someone from his favorite team gets injured and his favorite team is the Eagles, so I’ve sent him 778 texts this year). 

Speaking of the Eagles, they’re one of the two teams — along with the Giants — that will be playing on “Thursday Night Football.” These two teams have combined for all of TWO wins through six weeks, so I’m not going to try and convince you to watch the game, but I will definitely be watching it. … Although, that’s mostly because I can’t leave my house here in Nashville at any point today because every road is closed due to something big going on here tonight. I thought someone rented the entire city for a giant bachelorette party, but apparently it’s a debate of some sort. 

Anyway, we have a lot to get to today and that’s mostly thanks to the Baltimore Ravens, who made a big move today. Besides Baltimore, I decided it would make some sense to go heavy on the NFC East in today’s newsletter. No division in the NFL is a bigger trainwreck and people love trainwrecks, so let’s get to my trainwreck of a rundown. 

1. Today’s Show: Daily fantasy picks and advice for Week 7 

When I was a kid, I used to think the easiest way to make money was to just steal it from my sister, but it turns out, that’s frowned upon. Now that I’m an adult though, it seems there’s an easier way to make money and that’s by playing daily fantasy. 

On Thursday’s episode of the podcast, Will Brinson was joined by fantasy football gurus Heath Cummings and Frank Stampfl, and they went over all the best fantasy options for the 12 games that are being played on Sunday in Week 7.

Cummings especially likes two players who could both be sneaky good options this week: 

  • Cam Newton (vs. 49ers): Sure, Newton was horrible last week, but that’s because the Patriots didn’t really get to practice at all due to their COVID scare. Since they’re actually going to be able to practice this week, Cummings expects the Patriots quarterback to bounce back. Through six weeks, Newton is averaging 23.4 Fantasy points per game in FanDuel scoring, which is better than DeShaun Watson, Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers (You can get more advice from Cummings by clicking here). 
  • Kareem Hunt (at Cincinnati): After going up against two tough defenses in each of the past two weeks — the Steelers and Colts — Hunt finally gets to go up against a much easier defense this week. You should be looking to take advantage of this. 

2. Getting you ready for Giants-Eagles

It’s October and people love reading scary things in October and let me just tell you that there is nothing scarier than reading a preview about a game being played between two teams from the NFC East. It’s like reading something from a Stephen King novel, except Jared Dubin will be playing the role of Stephen King this week because he put our preview for this game together. 

There are only six teams in the NFL that are averaging under 330 yards per game this year and two of those are the Giants and Eagles, which means you probably shouldn’t be expecting a shootout tonight. According to Dubin, the Giants’ biggest offensive problem is Jason Garrett, who simply hasn’t been putting players in a position to succeed. The Giants’ other offensive problem is that fourth overall pick Andrew Thomas has been a bust so far at left tackle. 

On the Eagles’ end, they’re dealing with so many injuries that it would take three hours to list them all and since I don’t have three hours, I’ll give you an example: Two guys they won’t have tonight are Miles Sanders and Zach Ertz. 

Dubin’s prediction for the game: Eagles win 23-16 (You can read his entire preview by clicking here).

If you’re looking to gamble on tonight’s game, R.J. White has some fantastic advice that you can read about by clicking here. One prop R.J. likes is for this game to go under the total, which is currently set at 45 points. He also likes the over for Carson Wentz’s rushing total, which is set at 17.5 yards. 

3. Should the Giants start planning to move on from Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones hasn’t even been with the Giants for two full seasons, but it’s starting to feel like it might already be time to move on. The Giants were ripped in 2019 for selecting him with the No. 6 overall pick and he hasn’t exactly helped the team silence its critics. As a matter of fact, I think things have actually just gotten worse. 

Jones’ biggest problem is that he’s a turnover machine. Jones has played in 19 career games and he’s had at least one turnover in 18 of those games. Our Chris Trapasso decided to ask the big question this week: Is it time to move on from Daniel Jones?

From Trapasso: “Jones has moxie. He throws a tight spiral from a quick release, and his high-end plays can be really high-end. But having watched all of his drop backs in the NFL thus far, I’m starting to form a concrete conclusion on Jones that he’s the personification of quarterback purgatory and is bound to place the Giants in that purgatory.”

Verdict: Unless the Giants somehow win the division this year — which can’t be ruled out because they’re in the worst division of all-time — then the Giants might want to consider taking a QB in 2021, especially if they have a high pick (You can read Trapasso’s full article by clicking here).  

4. Five trades that could save the Cowboys season

As someone who picked the Cowboys to make it to the Super Bowl this season, I have to say, I am not too thrilled with myself right now. Every week they play, they somehow manage to look worse than the week before. The only saving grace I have is that even if they finish 6-10, they could still make the playoffs because they play in the NFC East (Thank God for the NFC East!). 

Sure, the Cowboys are in first place right now, but they’ve lost most of their offensive line to injury, their defense is horrible and their starting quarterback is out for the season, so it’s kind of a tenuous position. If the Cowboys want to improve their roster, they still have time do it and with that in mind, Patrik Walker proposed five moves that the team should make before the Nov. 3 trade deadline. 

Let’s take a quick look at two of those moves: 

  • Trade for Anthony Harris (Vikings) or Justin Simmons (Broncos): The Cowboys are in desperate need of some defensive help and adding one of these two guys would definitely beef up their secondary. The reason this could work is because both guys are playing on bad teams right now. If the Vikings or Broncos are looking to have a fire sale, they might be looking to make a deal with the Cowboys (The Vikings have already made one deal this week by trading Yannick Ngakoue). A trade by either team would mean that they also don’t have to deal with another year of doing the franchise tag dance as both Simmons and Harris were hit with the tag this year. 
  • Trade for David Njoku (Browns): Njoku doesn’t seem to be happy in Cleveland and the Cowboys could use some help at tight end, so this actually makes a lot of sense. 

For a look at the rest of Walker’s suggestions for the Cowboys, be sure to click here. 

5. Vikings trade DE Yannick Ngakoue to Baltimore  

I’m not sure this means that the Vikings have given up on the season, but I think the Vikings have given up on the season. In a huge trade that went down Thursday morning, the Vikings decided to ship Yannick Ngakoue off to Baltimore in exchange for a 2021 third-round pick and a 2022 conditional fifth-round pick. 

This is a surprising move, if only because the Vikings just traded for Ngakoue less than two months ago. Back on Aug. 30, Ngakoue was traded from Jacksonville to Minnesota in a deal where the Vikings gave up a 2021 second-round pick and a 2022 conditional fifth-round pick, which is compensation they couldn’t even get from Baltimore (That 2022 conditional pick will become a fourth-round pick for Minnesota if Ngakoue is a first-ballot Pro Bowler this season or next season, according to SI.com). 

On the Ravens’ end, a strong defense just got even better. Baltimore is already tied for second in the NFL in sacks with 22 and now, the Ravens have added a player who recorded five sacks in five starts with Minnesota. This deal will also pair Ngakoue with defensive end Calais Campbell, which is notable, because those two were the starting defensive ends for the Jaguars in 2017 when Jacksonville made it all the way to the AFC title game (For more details on the trade, be sure to click here). 

Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta should be given some sort of award for all the wheeling and dealing he’s done. Over the past 12 months, he’s acquired Marcus Peters, Campbell and Ngakoue for mid-round draft picks. In another splash move, the Ravens could also be looking to add Dez Bryant to their practice squad, according to one report

As for the Vikings, it’s starting to feel like they want to get in on this “Tank for Trevor” action. Unfortunately for Minnesota though, it kind of feels like the Jets have a monopoly on that right now. 

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6. NFC East is the worst division the NFL has seen in nearly 40 years 

If you’ve been watching the NFC East over the first six weeks of the season, you might be starting to think that it’s the worst division in NFL history, but so far, it’s actually not. It’s the second-worst. With a combined record of 5-18-1, the four NFC East teams have a winning percentage of .229 heading into Week 7. 

Jeff Kerr ranked the worst NFC East champions in the division’s history. You can find that here. 

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, only one division has been worse and that’s the 1984 AFC Central. Thirty-six years ago, the four teams in the division (Steelers, Bengals, Browns, Oilers) were a combined 5-19 (.208) after six weeks. If the NFC East is looking for some good news, I actually have some: Although the AFC Central was horrible, it did end up sending a team all the way to the AFC Championship game. 

The Steelers finished the season at 9-7 and ended up beating the Broncos in the playoffs before falling to the Dolphins in the AFC title game, so let’s not pretend like an NFC East team can’t make the NFC title game. Just kidding, there’s no chance that’s happening, right?

The Kicker!

If you’re wondering how bad the Giants are this season, let me say this: I’m pretty sure their MVP so far is their kicker, Graham Gano. Through six weeks, Gano has scored more than HALF of the team’s points with 51 out of 101 (50.5%). To put that in perspective, Eagles kicker Jake Elliott has only scored 22% of Philadelphia’s points this season (31 out of 141). 

Through six weeks, Gano has the second most field goals of 50 or more yards and he hasn’t missed an extra point. My personal prediction for the game tonight is a Giants win and it’s only because I think Gano is going to outscore the Eagles by himself.  

Between the Giants-Eagles game and that other thing on television, I’m not sure if we’re going to survive Thursday night, but if we do, I’ll see you guys Friday. 


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