The Genshin Impact Resin Changes will raise the max limit for Original Resin along with a host of other features in the Version 1.1 update as stated below.

miHoYo has to be one of the most eager companies when it comes to community interaction. Over the last 1 month, they have taken major steps to connect with their fans. Ever since the game’s release, the fans have been vocal too and have let the devs know of Genshin Impact’s shortcomings. And it seems that finally, a positive outcome of the dialogue between fans and devs is on the horizon!

Genshin Impact Resin Changes: Max limit increased.

Original Resin is one of the most important items in the game, which lets you complete missions and unlock rewards. And fans have long been dissatisfied with a limit of just 120 on daily Original Resin. Resin comes in handy with just about everything from Ley Line Blossoms to Special Events. So, it is usually a bummer when, as a player, you run out of your daily quota in the middle of the day. Not only does it limit progress, but also make the game less engaging with fewer things to do. And the fans were particularly unhappy with all of this.

So, responding to their complaints, miHoYo has decided to increase the max. limit on daily Original Resin to 160. On the other hand, they’ve also reduced the Resin requirement in Battle Pass weekly missions from 1600 to 1200. The changes will roll in next month as a part of the Version 1.1 update.

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miHoYo revealed this in a Q&A post which they uploaded on their forums yesterday (22nd Oct).
They also revealed a host of other information as well.

The much needed Key Binding feature.

Next, we come to what perhaps is the most frustrating issue in Genshin Impact. It’s almost ridiculous that a modern game of Genshin’s stature did not already include a Key Binding feature. However, it is what it is and it is very convenient! So, again miHoYo seems to have listened to our relentless complaints about this as well. And in Version 1.1, Key Binding for at least some buttons to be available.

That’s because miHoYo explicitly stated that though they “were firing on all cylinders”, only “a part of this will go live in Version 1.1”.

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The minor Quality of Life changes.

Apart from these two big updates, which are sure to make our life a whole lot easier, miHoYo also plans to roll out some minor changes as well.

A new option to filter artefacts as per their basic attributes will come into the game. This is designed to further declutter the artefacts section. Fans had complained of a serious need for a feature of this sort. Genshin Impact will also receive a new feature which perhaps could let players set custom teleport waypoints. This can help in fast-travelling to places with no teleport waypoints that you regularly visit.
Finally, there’ll also be a feature which displays a small character avatar in the corner of all equipped artefacts. This way, players won’t have to select weapons to find out who owns them.

While these are minor changes, along with the Resin change, together, they’re bound to make the fans happy. If interested, you can check out the entire Q&A post on miHoYo’s forums from here.

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