Cyberpunk 2077 Pre-Order & Bonuses : There is barely a month to go for the release of the much awaited game Cyberpunk 2077. Preorders are how one can get ahead than everyone else. 

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the biggest game releases of 2020. Developers CD Projekt Red are behind the game. This time they take us to the future with an immersive gameplay experience and character customizations.

Big names like Keanu Reeves and Grimes are involved in the game and every gamer wants to see what the game offers. Lets take a look at how one can purchase and preorder Cyberpunk 2077.

Where to buy the game –

As of now only preorders of the game are available with the game releasing on November 19th. Digital preorders are available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X on Microsoft store. Similarly for the PlayStation 4 & 5 players can purchase from the Sony PS store.

PC users have more options as the game can be in their hands from 3 different stores. Steam store, Epic Games store and players can even buy the game straight from CD Projekt Red’s website. Apart from digital purchases the game is in stock at select retail locations as well.

Standard Edition of Cyberpunk 2077 –

Preordering the standard edition will give players the base game, the digital preorder bonuses, and any retailer-exclusive bonuses. Physical copies also come with Night City postcards, a world compendium, stickers, and a map of Night City. Again Amazon and Walmart are also offering discounts and one can expect more discounts once the game releases.

Collector’s Edition of Cyberpunk 2077 –

As of the writing of this article all the Collector’s Edition of the game were sold out on all the platforms. There is no update as of now if it will be in stock again. The Collector’s edition came at an expensive price of $250 dollars. The physical version included a lot of merchandise like –

  • Collectible steelbook
  • 10-inch statue depicting V, the game’s protagonist, in action
  • Hardcover art book
  • Metal pin set
  • Quadra V-tech metal keychain
  • An annotated copy of A Visitor’s Guide to Night City sealed in an NCPD Evidence Bag
  • Embroidered patches
  • World Compendium detailing the game’s setting and lore
  • Postcards from Night City
  • Map of Night City
  • Sticker bomb set
  • Collector’s Edition box

On the other hand the digital version includes –

  • Game soundtrack
  • Art booklet featuring a selection of art from the game
  • Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook
  • Wallpapers for desktop and mobile

Cyberpunk 2077 looks destined to be a massive success and with not a lot to go before the release date, everyone is eager to get their hands on the game.

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