NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal talks about Lakers legacy and Clippers future, especially concerning Paul George.

On The Big Podcast with Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal talks about a lot this episode. A conversation was initiated about whether LeBron would return to Cleveland again, and was laughed off immediately.

Then Shaq and guests went on to talk about what would it take for the current Lakers squad to solidify their legacy. They came to the conclusion that the Lakers need a 3-peat to be called a legacy.

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While talking about championships, they went to talk about the Clippers and how they signed Tyronn Lue as their new head coach. The co-host calls the Clippers a rudderless ship and Shaq weighs in too. According to Shaq, if the Clippers want to get better, they need to get rid of someone.

“You gotta use George to get 2 solid players”: Shaquille O’Neal

According to Shaq, the Clippers need to break the Kawhi-PG duo in Los Angeles. While it looks good on paper, it doesn’t allow Kawhi to officially step up as the leader. Shaq needs Kawhi to be ‘the man’.

With Paul George, he feels the Clippers have a guy who thinks he’s the man, a guy who’s actually the man, and a guy coming off the bench(Lou Williams) thinking he’s the man.

Paul George has been subjected to some heavy criticism this season, especially because of his playoff performances. The Clippers faithful echo what Shaq is saying in terms of how Paul George needs to step back and let Kawhi Leonard be the man.

However, that does not seem to be the case, as per all the locker room distress reports and hence trading PG13 could be an option they could excercise.

On the podcast Shaq conceded that Clippers needed to get rid of someone post Doc Rivers’ firing

“[The Clippers] gotta get rid of someone.” Shaq said

Other people on the show wanted Shaq to get rip the band-aid off and reveal the name of the player he wants traded.

“C’mon, bro.” Shaq smirked.

The co-host asked, “Pandemic P? They ain’t gonna get rid of him, they gave up the farm for him.”

“Well, guess what? They gave up the farm, but we can change some crops on that mug.” Shaq concluded.

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Shaq goes on to say that the Clippers can trade Paul George for 2 good players, which would help the Clippers in the longer run.

What Shaquille O’Neal says isn’t totally off the mark here, but I believe the decision would end up going to Kawhi to decide what PG’s fate would be. Whatever the case, everyone expects to see Kawhi Leonard step up and be the Alpha in the Clippers next season.


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