With AMD’s 6000 series GPUs being released on 28th October 2020, the card’s Firestrike Ultra Scores were leaked online. From the looks of it, the 3080 could be in big trouble.

What’s more, these numbers could be of a lower end of the Big Navi series GPUs as the leak didn’t specify.

What do Firestrike Ultra scores mean?

Well basically, a processor’s benchmarks are usually an indication of how well it would perform in games or other processing tasks. It involves rendering certain graphically intensive scenes or running other tests.

The same tests are performed for different processors (in this case GPUs) to help provide a common baseline to judge graphics cards from. However, due to the availability of different tests, the scores could have different meanings with relation to actual graphics performance.

To provide evidence of this, the 5700XT beats the RTX 2080 in Firestrike test scores but is 10-15 % slower than the 2080 in games. So, even though these scores might not even be of the top of the line Big Navi GPUs, the RTX 3080 could still give you better performance in games.

Here are the Firestrike Ultra scores of the Big Navi GPU

  • Big Navi Scored an 11,500 on Firestrike Ultra.
  • RTX 3080 scored a 10,600 on Firestrike Ultra.

This a significantly high uptake of scores even if we agree that Firestrike is slightly biased towards AMD GPUs. However, to be the Devil’s Advocate, other test benches such as TimeSpy are Agnostic while benchmarking. This means that they do not know the details of the underlying system that they are working with.

This would make the test too generalized and not take into account the optimization of the system that the game devs would look into.

We also got to know that the one of the GPUs from the Big Navi Lineup is having a game clock of 2.4 GHz. This would make it the fastest GPU to date. The RTX 3080 has a core clock of 1.71 GHz. In the end, it is still a matter of 5 days until the announcement of the 6000 series GPUs so we will have to wait with baited breaths until then.


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