Huge push in store for Elias following move to WWE RAW. The WWE Superstar moved from SmackDown in the recently concluded draft.

WWE Superstar Elias is in line for a massive push on RAW according to Inside the Ropes. The former Intercontinental Champion is finally back after being sidelined with an injury. He was immediately moved to Monday nights upon returning.

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The report states that the change in brand was done to benefit both the show and the performer. The length of the show will allow WWE to utilise Elias to his potential. The company would not have been able to dedicate the time to do so on the Blue Brand.

On RAW however, they can go all out in both time and production allowing for elaborate and entertaining performances that can be used to fill any amount of time with no reservations. In what is definitely a huge boost to Elias’ career, the report adds that not only are management confident he will deliver but also see him as one with the potential to break into the main event scene.

This would explain Elias’ recent performance on WWE RAW with other musicians around him. The Drifter performed an entire song without being hindered or interrupted even once.

Elias is currently locked in a feud with Jeff Hardy, continuing a storyline that began on Friday nights. Coming out on top against the Charismatic Enigma will definitely be a huge step in pushing him as the next big star coming out of WWE.

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