Duncan Robinson says the Los Angeles Lakers bench called him Jimmy Neutron when he was on the floor to poke fun at him.

The Los Angeles Lakers roster is jam packed with players who are quite light hearted and can be described as ‘comically gifted’. Stars such LeBron James, Javale McGee, JR Smith, and Dwight Howard are known to bring a level of hilarity to the Lakers.

So when news broke out that the Lakers bench was ridiculing Miami Heat sharpshooter Duncan Robinson, it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

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Lakers bench called Duncan Robinson Jimmy Neutron

Duncan Robinson took to the Titus and Tate show to talk about the Miami Heat’s Finals series against the Los Angeles Lakers.

During the interview, Robinson talked about the Lakers bench kept yelling at Duncan Robinson and calling him Jimmy Neutron, implying he looked like the Nickelodeon cartoon character.

Robinson did seem confused when he heard NBA Twitter claim he looked like Sheen from the same show.

How did Duncan Robinson perform in the NBA Finals?

Robinson really did show us what he is capable of, against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, as he averaged 12.5 points along with 2.5 assists.

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Perhaps his best game of the Finals came in Game 5 where he posted up 26 points while going 7 for 13 from beyond the arc.



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