Major League Baseball has had a weird year. The shortened regular season — which got underway in late July after a heated battle between the league and Players Association — was played without fans in attendance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the expanded postseason got underway in September, rules regarding fans going to games have changed.

The 2020 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays is currently being played at Globe Life Field, the new home of the Texas Rangers, and the stadium is open to a number of fans — 11,500, or 25 percent of the park’s capacity, to be exact. You would think that less fans in attendance means ticket sales for the games look different than usual, but that is not exactly the case. 

“The World Series is driving steady sales on StubHub,” StubHub spokesperson Adam Budelli told CBS Sports. “Sales were consistently growing 20% every day from the time tickets went on sale and jumped 100% after the Dodgers clinched. The rate and percentage of tickets sold on StubHub is consistent in what we see on any given year.”

Here’s the average ticket price for the World Series games that will definitely be played, as of Oct 20, according to StubHub: 

  • Game 2: $604
  • Game 3: $731
  • Game 4: $911

“The average price of a ticket sold is hovering between $600 for the first couple games to around $900 for the 4th game, which we always see more demand for as fans hope their team will sweep in four games and they’ll be there to witness the championship win,” Budelli said. “The pricing we’re seeing for Game 4 is more in line with what we’d ordinarily see at a World Series game but is still on the lower end.”

Games 3 and 4 are currently seeing the most tickets sold and there are an estimated 1,200 tickets available for Games 2, 3, and 4.

One of the biggest obstacles is that the 2020 World Series is at a neutral venue in Texas, which is obviously a considerable distance from both Los Angeles and Tampa. However, last-second ticket purchases could be an option for fans traveling to Texas for the World Series.

“There was a tremendous trend toward last second ticket purchases that we saw on StubHub for the NLCS,” Budelli added. “We anticipate we’ll continue to see that trend for the World Series and that many sales will be driven in the hours before and even into the game start. We allow tickets to be sold up until 90 minutes into game time.”

Currently, 70 percent of the ticket sales on StubHub are coming from outside of the state of Texas. StubHub estimates that 20-25 percent of that is coming from California. On the other hand, eight percent of ticket sales are coming from the state of Florida.

StubHub has seen an estimated 20 percent growth in World Series ticket sales on a daily basis since the beginning of October. Following the Dodgers’ Game 7 NLCS win over the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, sales spiked from 19 percent to 24 percent for Game 1 of the World Series.


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