“Why they are not driving a Mercedes”- Toto Wolff attacks the critics of Lewis Hamilton, who discredit his achievements for driving a Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton is probably the greatest driver of this generation, and his recent achievements had made his admirers keep him at par with Michael Schumacher, who was believed to have an untouched legacy in Formula 1.

However, records are meant to be broken, and that’s what Hamilton did as he equalized Schumacher’s most wins record during the Eifel Grand Prix.

Thus, the comparison has intensified, and the people who are still the romantics of Schumacher believe that Hamilton is not at par with the German driver, as the former drives a Mercedes, which is probably the most advanced car in the history of the sport.

“Why they are not driving a Mercedes”- Toto Wolff attacks

In the recent activity by the opinion makers in Formula 1, many have denied giving the title of the greatest driver of all time to Hamilton by displacing Schumacher.

And Toto Wolff has stepped in to debunk their arguments, as he believes that Hamilton makes the best out of his car, which according to him deserve plaudits.

“I have read about that, and I think it is not entirely fair. Winning races and winning championships is something you do with a team, but you have to get yourself into the position of being in the best car,” Wolff explains to Autosport.

“You can see that many talented drivers have made wrong choices”. That’s why Wolff thinks Hamilton has earned the record.

“He joined the team in 2013, and he’s in the car and knows how to get good results with what we’re giving him. But we probably couldn’t achieve all the record we have now, and he couldn’t achieve his record without the car that was made”.

Hamilton surely took a risk when he left McLaren for Mercedes, as at that time it wasn’t even clear in 2013 whether the super plan by Mercedes will be viable.

“I don’t want to hear anyone say that he drives a Mercedes and therefore wins races. The drivers who say that they should take a good look at why they are not driving a Mercedes”, concludes Wolff.


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