Nuggets snub Carmelo Anthony from greatest ever photo and Damian Lillard isn’t having any of that.

The Nuggets have had some good players and currently have some good ones too. One of the greatest players to ever don the Nuggets jersey was Carmelo Anthony.

The Nuggets drafted Carmelo in 2003. Before Melo joined, the Nuggets were a mess and hadn’t made the playoffs in 8 years. Once Melo joined, he changed the outlook of the franchise altogether. He led them to 7 straight playoffs in his 7 years with them.

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Despite his work there, Denver seemed to have forgotten about him. They recently took out a graphic asking who is the greatest Nugget of all time, and they left Carmelo out of it.

This did not sit right with a lot of people, as it shouldn’t. Carmelo picked up an underperforming Nuggets team and carried them to the playoffs each year and put them right back on the map.

Damian Lillard talks about the disrespect Melo gets

Damian Lillard played together with Melo in the 2019-20 season and formed a good bond with the star. In Melo’s one year with Portland, they played some great basketball and he was a consistent third scoring option for the star backcourt duo in Portland. Carmelo Anthony is now a free agent and has expressed his desire to play out the rest of his career in Portland.

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Damian Lillard does not like the amount of disrespect Anthony is treated with. He voiced out his opinion of the same in form of a tweet.

It is true what Dame said. The amount of disrespect Carmelo Anthony gets makes no sense for a player of his stature.

If all things go according to plan, Carmelo would be seen playing alongside Dame and for the Blazers for the next season as well.


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