Steve Kerr revealed that he wasn’t the least bit surprised by Kevin Durant’s free agency decision. According to Kerr, he had read the signs and braced for what was coming.

Kevin Durant had some outstanding successes with the Golden State Warriors. He won 2 Finals MVPs to go with their two championships, and made a 3rd final before succumbing to an Achilles tear.

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Durant was the butt of a number of jokes and some real vitriol from basketball fans for joining the Warriors. It was unabated even at the end of his third season with the franchise.

Why Kevin Durant’s free agency departure wasn’t surprising to Steve Kerr

The most successful head coach of the past decade, Steve Kerr understands the psyche of a star player better than most. After all, he’s also been teammates with Michael Jordan.

He opined on how the Warriors had sensed that Kevin Durant was on his way to another team, as he had achieved everything that he wanted in Golden state.

His achievements were unparalleled and Steve Kerr and the entire Warriors franchise accepted that it was time for KD to move on. Kerr was all praise for the former Warriors star and respected his decision.

“It didn’t surprise us. We all had a sense that Kevin’s probably looking to move on and take on a new challenge.”

“He’d been here three years and won two championships and been Finals MVP twice. It was just, for his own personal career, time for a new challenge and we all totally respected that.”

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The Brooklyn Nets will be looking to get Durant back in the 5th Finals series of his career. Steve Kerr, on the other hand, would be hoping the Warriors make it past the Lakers in the Western Conference.


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