“I feel like I am at kindergarten”- Arsene Wenger makes a fiery response to Jose Mourinho over latter’s statement on Wenger’s autobiography.

Arsene Wenger recently published his autobiography labelled as “My Life in Red & White”. However, the reason being unknown, Wenger didn’t mention Mourinho even once despite both the rivalry they shared when Wenger was managing Arsenal.

It later appeared that Mourinho didn’t take this exclusion lightly and launched an attack on the French manager when asked about his book.

Asked why he was not mentioned in the book, Tottenham boss Mourinho said: “Because he never beat me. You are not going to do a chapter about 12 or 14 matches and never win one so why should he speak about me in his book?”

“A book is a thing to make you happy, to make you proud so I understand perfectly the situation,” he concluded.

Arsene Wenger hits back.

The former Arsenal manager didn’t fail to make a quick response, as on Sunday while working for a French channel Canal+, Wenger openly claimed Mourinho to be provocative.

“With him, it’s a constant provocation. I feel like I am at kindergarten, but that is part of his personality,” said Wenger.

It is a well-known fact that Mourinho is a genius in enticing the audiences with his bold statements, which often make it into the headlines.

This is not the first time when both the managers were heard to be in an exchange of hectic words. Surely, Mourinho has the bragging rights against Wenger

Even though Wenger has left the club and the Premier League a long time ago and is mostly involved in non-managerial activities, Mourinho could spare him.


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