The New Genshin Impact Epitome Invocation Banner is live in-game and features Wolf’s Gravestone, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds & more!

After the 20-day long stay of the previous Invocation Banner, from 28th to 18th, miHoYo has finally given us a new banner! For those of you who are not familiar with it, an Epitome Invocation Banner gives you a better shot at winning certain 4-star and 5-star weapons in the game. But, is the new banner worth it? And what are the weapons you are likely to get from it if you pull a wish?

The Refreshed List: Lost Prayer to Sacred Winds & more.

The new banner contains a total of 7 major rate-up weapons that you stand a better chance of getting. Rate-up is a gacha term which in this case simply means, you have a better chance of getting these weapons. Of the 7, just like the previous list, 2 of them are 5-star weapons and the rest are 4-star.

The 5-star weapons include the catalyst weapon Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and the sword named Wolf’s Gravestone. The 4-star weapons contain 2 swords, a bow, a polearm and a catalyst type weapon. The two swords with a rate-up chance are the Sacrificial Sword & the Sacrificial Greatsword. The bow is a Sacrificial Bow and the catalyst is a Sacrificial Fragment. So, as you can see, the banner is full of the sacrificial type weapons. Finally, the last 4-star weapon on offer is the Polearm which goes by the name of Dragon’s Bane.

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Combat Stats of the weapons.

1. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: It has a basic attack stat of 46 at level 1 so, equal to the Amos’Bow. Also, the Secondary stat offers a CRIT rate of 7.2%. (A CRIT rate is a critical strike rate). It’s passive gives you 10% increased movement speed in battle and 8% increased Elemental DMG every 4 secs.

2. Wolf’s Gravestone: Also has a base attack of 46 at level 1. Its secondary stat increases Base attack DMG by 10.8%. It’s passive Wolfish Trackers causes 20% more Attack DMG. But if the enemy is below 30% health, DMG doubles to 40% increase for ALL THE PARTY MEMBERS for 12 secs! So a huge team benefit!

3. Sacrificial Sword, Greatsword, Bow & Fragment: They have the same passive. After you cause Elemental DMG to an enemy, the passive kicks in & has a 40% chance to end its own CD, once every 30 seconds. Sword stats: 41 DMG, energy recharge of 13.3%. Greatsword stats: 44 DMG, energy recharge of 6.7%. Bow stats: 44 DMG, energy recharge of 6.7%. Fragment stats: 41 DMG, elemental mastery of 48.

4. Dragon’s Bane: Level 1 Base Attack DMG of 41 with an Elemental mastery of 48. As its passive, this polearm causes 20% more damage to enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro.

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The Pity & Gacha System for the banner:

This is a permanent banner & so, will use up Acquaint Fate or Primogems. As per the pity system, you will receive at least one 4-star weapon at the end of 10 rolls. But it’ll take you 90 rolls to get a guaranteed 5-star weapon. Also remember that some 4-star weapons, when refined, are much better than 5-star weapons and they are easier to refine. So, don’t run behind 5-star weapons only and use the banner wisely.

Look up this video for more banner info.

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