Let Fall Guys know which are the rounds your like and which ones you dislike. Mediatonic, the developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout asks players to pick the round the like & the ones they dislike.

Since its release in early August, the game-show based MOBA game has taken 0ver the world by a storm. It grossed 7 million is sales on Steam & is already the most downloaded game in PlayStation Store ever. The second season which is based on a medieval theme is already live. It is inspired by the middle-ages, boasting of castles, gauntlets & giant swinging axes.Β The costumes itself are a refreshing change and include dragons, knight, witches & wizards.

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Although they have released a new season, the developers, Mediatonic are not taking a break anytime soon. Now, they are all about finding out which of their obstacles courses are hits & which ones are not so liked.

They recently shared a post on their social media channels asking their players to fill in a survey. They want to know which of their levels are hated & loved. Mediatonic also want to know how many new courses the players want every season and will probably strategize accordingly.

It looks like Fall Guys is going to shape up exactly how the community wants it to. The developers are aware of this & the players love the involvement.


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