DOTA 2 Tournaments: OG is the 3rd team to qualify for playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020. The reigning TI champs OG destroyed Yellow Submarine 2-0 in R4 Group Stage. They are the 3rd team after Secret & Alliance to qualify for the playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020.


Despite losing out to Alliance, OG put up a dominating performance against YeS. In two quick games of 35 minutes, OG managed to secure a position in the Upper Bracket of ESL One Germany 2020 playoffs. Interestingly, they picked Silencer in the first game and Midone played the hero, while Topson decided to run with Morphling.

In the second game, OG decided to put Topson on the Silencer, and he provided a Masterclass for all the fans glued to their screens. This time Midone, who played Riki Maru, closed out the series in style with a Rampage. His KDA was 15/2/12. After this, Yellow Submarine did realize that all their efforts were futile. They called it GG & OG secured the upper bracket playoffs.

Yellow Submarine can still qualify for the upper-bracket playoffs. They have currently won 2 games & lost 2 games. If they win their next series, they will go to the upper-bracket. A lose will result in Yellow Submarine dropping to the lower-bracket. The playoffs will begin on October 23rd.

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