Skip Bayless bashes LeBron, saying he cannot be better than Michael Jordan because James chases superstars to team up with, like Chris Paul.

With the offseason well underway, the trade and/or free agency rumor mill has started churning out some great rumors for where certain superstar may end up. The rumors range from Giannis to the Mavericks or even Bradley Beal to the LA Lakers.

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However, the hypothetical trade scenario that has gained the most traction since the commencement of the 2019-20 NBA season has got to be Chris Paul to the Lakers.

This idea of LeBron James teaming up with his fellow 35 year old friend in La La Land does not entice Undisputed’s Skip Bayless.

Skip Bayless says LeBron has ‘no shame’ for wanting Chris Paul on the Lakers

As per usual, Skip Bayless has to put in his 2 cents on anything LeBron James related and so when reports broke out that Chris Paul would be interested in moving back to Los Angeles, Bayless had to jump in on the action.

When discussing this with Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed, Skip said, “LeBron knows no shame when it comes to seeking and chasing superstar teammates and rings.”

He continued on by exclaiming, “He needs help, help, help, help! Once and for all, this disqualifies LeBron James from the GOAT discussion because GOATs don’t chase superstars.”

Does Skip Bayless have a point?

LeBron has jumped from one team to another throughout his career. However, this is because his previous organization had failed to surround him with talent.

His 2003-2010 Cavalier teams were carried by LeBron, with Mo Williams perhaps being the 2nd best option. The only reason James left Miami is because he wanted to fulfil his promise to bring a ring to his home state.

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Michael Jordan had to convince the Bulls front office into signing on Dennis Rodman to the roster so Jordan is definitely no stranger to ‘chasing stars’.


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