The Genshin Impact Klee Banner offers a great character. But, is it worth it? Here’s an in-depth look at Klee & the Sparkling Steps banner.

The Klee Banner aka The Sparkling Steps banner may well be live in-game by the time you read this post. A replacement of the famous Venti banner, Klee is yet another amazing Genshin Impact character. However, for those of you looking to invest on the banner, we’re here to answer the question of whether she’s worth it.

Also, if you’re an entirely free-to-play guy, don’t worry. There’s something in here for you too because we also take a look at Klee in general. So, the basic info about her is bound to come in handy either way.

Who is Klee? What are her attributes?

First, let’s get the basic introductions out of the way. Klee is a pyro type, 5-star character. So naturally, she’ll be a little hard to get your hands on. However, once you do, this catalyst type character is a beast in-game.

So, don’t let her deceive you with those incredibly pretty, childish looks. She uses magic as her primary weapon instead of a bow or a sword and deals large AoE damage. So, she’s like Mona, Lisa and a few others in this sense.

Now, let’s get to her combat abilities. First, as her normal attack, Klee throws 3 explosive balls of fire that burst on impact and deal AoE damage. On the other hand, her charged attack uses up a certain amount of stamina as it loads up and then, deals a large amount of AoE damage. These two attacks are aptly named Kaboom.

Klee: Elemental Attacks

Now let’s get to her Elemental attack, the “E” for PC users, called “Jumpy Dumpty“. On casting this attack, Klee releases a fiery satchel that bounces thrice and deals damage with each impact. At the end of the third bounce, it then burst into many little mines. Now, these mines are very cool because they operate in 3 ways.

They either burst on impact or automatically after a short time. However, apart from that, you can also use Ameno to gather these little mines together in a clot and hurl them at an enemy. This deals a huge amount of AoE damage. So, don’t mind using Klee with Jean, Venti or other Anemo types.

Finally, as her ultimate, Klee’s has her Elemental burst named “Sparks n Splash”. On using this ability, Klee summons sparks and splashes and deals a massive amount of AoE damage to enemies over a period of time.

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Is the Klee Banner in Genshin Impact worth it?

Now, let’s get to the moot point of this post. Should players look to get her through the Sparkling Steps banner? As so often with questions of this type, the answer is “It depends”.

Obviously, if you’re mad about Klee and have no reservations about spending a lot of money on the game, this is a great option by all means. Offering a much higher chance than a normal banner, the Klee Banner should be a great deal for you.

However, if you’re among the majority, who are either free-to-play or spend money very prudently, then here are some facts. Unlike Jean or Venti of some of the other characters who are more team-friendly, Klee is not.

That’s because almost none of her abilities, except the Sparkling Burst passive, aid her teammates directly. So, she’s more of a selfish damage expert.

Also, her attack style is very unique and she may be difficult to adjust to if you come from a sword or bow master. Adding to that the fact that she’s a 5-star character, also means she won’t be that easy to get in a single wish. So, you may have to roll several times.

Therefore, our bottom line is, if you love Klee and would like to own her, she’s a great character and you should go for it. But, if you already own a Fischl, a Venti or say a bunch of the other good ones, then you’re probably already much better off. Spending a hefty sum just for the hype is not worth it & you’ll still be able to breathe if she’ll not in your party.

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