Kyle Kuzma has been the butt of most of the criticism the Lakers have received in these playoffs. Shannon Sharpe minced no words when he laid out how bad he’s been.

A bunch of Lakers fans even started a petition to not give Kuzma the ring during the Finals. He was expected to step up as the third scorer other than James and Davis.

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Kuzma was spectacularly underwhelming for nearly the whole playoff run. He shot just 31% from 3 and averaged 10 points per game. Coach Vogel preferred the likes of Markieff Morris on the court to close games out.

Shannon Sharpe says he’d trade Kuzma for a box of wipes

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless were discussing the moves the Lakers could make in order to improve their roster. Chris Paul’s name sprung up in between.

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As a stout LeBron fan and someone who wants the Lakers to repeat, Sharpe has every right to be upset with Kuzma. The youngster is coming into the final year of his rookie deal, but is arguably worse than he was in his rookie year.

The Lakers would want reinforcements, undoubtedly, but they simply don’t have the assets to package into a trade. Therefore, the prospect of trading Kuz remains a pipe dream.

They would be well served by trying to pursue Danilo Gallinari, who’s an unrestricted free agent this year. Another player they should pursue would be Davis Bertans, who was one of the best shooters of the regular season.


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