HellRasiers & Winstrike exit from ESL One Germany 2020. Winstrike are the 4th team to go crashing out of ESL One Germany 2020. They lost 2-0 against Nigma in R3 of the Group Stage.

Team Nigma have finally found form again. With both Nigma & Winstrike facing elimination, the experience in Nigma’s roster gave them the comfortable 2-0 victory.

Meanwhile, in the first series, Ninjas in Pyjamas completed a sound 2-0 victory over HellRasier, knocking them out of contention.

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Nigma were amazing in the 2nd game of the series against Winstrike. In 25 min, they were on top by 27,000 gold and had assaulted Wintrike’s base.

It was W33 on Batrider for Nigma & Miracle on Luna who combined to secure the gold and kills. When the score was 33-11, Winstrike finally called it GG.

Ninjas in Pyjamas gave a similar thrashing to HellRasiers. NiP very comfortably closed out the first game in 28 minutes, while the second game took a little longer to secure.

After a long time, fans got to witness a Techies in the games. It was Era who picked the hero and finished with an outstanding KDA of 11-2-8.

Both Nigma and NiP have won 2 games & lost 2 games. If they win their next series, they qualify, and if they lose, they will be eliminated


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