Former Knick Carmelo Anthony may make his way back if a Chris Paul trade gets finalized. The two moves could be massive for the Knicks.

The rumors and speculations around a Chris Paul and Lakers trade are not the only ones flying. There have been recent speculations about the Knicks making a play for the experienced floor general.

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The Knicks are in a weird space right now and have a lot of cap space available with them right now. Their plans to get both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving failed, as they went across the city to Brooklyn instead.

The Knicks have 3 drafts coming to them this year, 2 of whom are in the first round. They are at a projected $55 mil in salaries, which given them almost $80 mil in the difference between the luxury tax threshold.

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The Knicks can land both Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony

Chris Paul still has a 2-year contract remaining with the Thunder. The way Knicks can acquire him is to offer a lucrative trade, which would possibly include Julius Randle and a few of their draft picks. This would fit perfectly for Carmelo Anthony’s return to New York.

There are a lot of ifs in this scenario. The biggest one is regarding the Chris Paul trade.

Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony have been friends for a long time. The current Knicks president Leon Rose used to be their agent back in the day, and he would very much like to work with them again.

According to sources, if CP3 makes his way to New York, Melo might follow. Both the stars have dreamt of playing together for a long time, and their duo would bring some much-needed experience for the Knicks young team.

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Another big question is whether Carmelo would leave his newfound home in Portland. Following the Blazers exit from the playoffs, “I pray that it could be Portland,” Anthony said on Zoom. “Honestly, thank God I found a home in Portland. I got comfortable with the organization. I got comfortable with the guys on the team. They got comfortable with me.’’

However, funnier things have happened in free agency.


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