Among Us with 100 players is the all the craze ever since Socksfor1, a YouTuber, created the mode. But who is he? Find out all about him here.

Among Us with 100 players is a chaotic game mode which does exactly what it sounds like. The game mod was developed & played for the first time by Socksfor1 on his YouTube channel. As expected, the video went viral immediately afterwards.

Among Us with 100 Players: What is the experience like?

To put it in plain & simple terms – chaotic! That’s right, the game by itself makes almost no sense and the fun primarily arises from the uniqueness of the mode. The mode also contains no Emergency Meeting option so that players do not press it again and again to troll others. The chat menu has many pages and the no. of Imposters is 10.

For 75% of the game, the lobby is overcrowded and stack kills take place east, west, north and south. Imposters like to group up in a room and just straight-up mass murder people as they come in. Also, everyone just votes everyone else randomly and there’s utter mayhem.

In the end, as only 10-20 players remain, the game settles down a bit and comes to a quiet conclusion amidst a sea of ghosts. However, though skill value is 0, the entertainment value is a million and that’s why the mode is so cool.

Note: The game mode is not available on the general servers. To join it, you need to join Sockfor1’s Discord server where he shares the modded game file which you need to download.

Here’s the video that began it all.

Who is Socksfor1?

Having loved the game mode so much, all of you must be curious about its creator. Socksfor1 aka Nicholas is a young man who hails from Tennessee, USA. He makes content for YouTube and streams on Twitch and has over 1.8 million subs on YouTube.

Socks uploaded his first video on YouTube around 5 years ago. It was a short Minecraft tutorial on how to claim land. However, he vanished from the scene for 3 years after that. Perhaps, he wasn’t ready for YouTube yet. Then, he returned and uploaded his 2nd video almost 2 years ago in Feb 2018. It was a Fortnite meme video, one of the many he’d go on make ever since.

After his 2nd video, Socks finally seemed to have found his rhythm. He uploaded videos once or twice a month for the whole of 2018 and even more frequently in 2019. And Socks has never looked back ever since. Today, with around 300 million views on his channel, he is popular for making Minecraft and Among Us mods as well as occasional Reddit meme reviews. He also has a second channel, Socksfor2, where he uploads more VR focused gameplay.

The Big Break.

Of his many videos, Nicholas got his big break with his famous “… Minecraft for 100 days using the largest modpack possible” video. The video features Socks playing a heavily modded Minecraft and trying to tackle the surprises. His viewership and popularity has risen steadily ever since this clip about a year ago.

In general, Socksfor1’s production quality is good. His videos are well-edited with lots of memes and subtle humour. Of late, along with many of his fellow YouTubers, Socks has benefited heavily from the Among Us hype train. So, he regularly notches up in excess of a million views for all his Among Us mod uploads. It seems that nothing but the sky is the limit for this innovative and talented content creator.

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