Among Us Custom Skins have been all the craze for a while now. However, there are some places you should never visit when getting these!

Among Us has grown up to be a crazy popular game within the span of 2 months. In fact, few games in the past have been able to notch up the numbers that Among Us has driven home recently. So, there’s no doubt that fans love this fun, friendly game. However, the Internet can often be a big, bad place.

And some forces on the Web are trying to exploit the craze that fans share for this game by causing them great harm. So, it’s about time you found out about this and became more careful.

Among Us Custom Skins! Let’s get ’em?

As Among Us players, most of you are aware that skins are a major part of the game. They keep the characters unique and make the game fun and colourful. And Among Us’s in-game customisation feature allows people to have lots of fun with various skins.

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However, of late the interest for custom-built Among Us skins has skyrocketed. Players want to make their own skins and put in into the game. And… lucky for you, Among Us actually allows for such flexibility.

However, the process can be a little difficult on the whole and not everyone can do it by themselves. This is where the primary topic of today’s discussion comes in.

There are certain companies out there who are using Among Us’s craze to scam their fans big time. And, surprise surprise! is one of them. This company, which has no official link to Innersloth or Among Us at all, has been scamming their fans with the promise of free skins.

What’s the Scam?

Okay so, what’s the scam you may ask? Well, turns out that every time you visit their website, they promise to get you a cool skin for free. On their home page, they have a list of these skins, which, to be fair, do look good. Along with that, they also claim that this “get your free skin now” offer is for a limited time only.

However, when you try to get the skin, you’ll be prompted to fill in a list of surveys. Once you do and proceed to get the skin, the website will merely show an error message. Then, the site will ask you to fill up the survey again.

You see, in truth, there is no free skin, to begin with! Those surveys are actually paid ads that the website is earning from. They’re baiting you and wasting your time to earn ad revenue.

Also, while filling in those surveys, your phone, accounts as well as the Browers are especially vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. So, please inform yourself and your friends of sites like these and stay away from them.

The only way to actually get Free skins that are legit is here. Visit this detailed guide to know all about this crazy new misused piece of info.


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