“There is a maximum number of races in the Concorde Agreement which we cannot exceed” – Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto speaks out on two-day race weekends to be trialed at Imola.

The F1 2020 season has been brilliant considering the number of races in spite of the pandemic – 17 GPs. One of them is the Grand Prix at Imola, which is making a much-awaited comeback to F1. The race weekend will not consist of Friday, due to logistical reasons concerning Portimao, the debut Portuguese F1 track.

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This has led to suggestions that more and more races can be without Friday. Asked, the Ferrari F1 boss ascertained that if this is done, then the number of races could be increased. However, as per sources, the maximum races as per the new Concorde Agreement is 24 per season.

“There is a regulation on that. There is a maximum number of races in the Concorde Agreement which we cannot exceed. I am pretty sure from the 22 we have got that new format certainly is the best.”

“It is a long discussion. It is a matter of business versus spectacle versus effort. The discussions started in what was once the Strategy Group, and now the F1 Commission, and I think that is the plan of where we are going as F1 today.”

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