Pistons legend and 2-time NBA champion Isiah Thomas made waves last week when he said LeBron James is the GOAT. He reiterated his stance again today.

Isiah Thomas is among Michael Jordan’s bitterest NBA rivals. Thomas has a winning 3-1 record against MJ in the playoffs, but he got swept by the Bulls as the double defending champion in 1991.

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The Pistons walking off the court before Game 4 ended in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals is among the famous examples of unsportsmanlike behavious in the league.

Isiah Thomas continues his animosity with MJ, reiterates that LeBron is the GOAT

Isiah retweeted Nick Wright’s tirade against the adulation for Michael Jordan with his own comment today.

The very first time Isiah entered a spat with Jordan was during the 1985 All Star Game. Thomas and George Gervin initiated a freezeout of MJ, denying him the ball through the game in his first appearance.

Thomas and his Pistons were also merciless in fouling Jordan and getting physical with him. Jordan emerged from several of his games against Detroit in the playoffs with opponent induced injury niggles.

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It is tough to hold Isiah Thomas’s credentials against him, but he was a terrible GM for the New York Knicks. His basketball IQ may have been revered during his playing days. But he was not a great player evaluator as it showed during his GM tenure.

Besides, his rivalry and bad blood with MJ are enough for him to swallow any real words of praise he might have.


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