Kobe Bryant’s name is practically royalty in Los Angeles. It was therefore, a bad idea to be yelling “F*** Kobe” at a championship rally. The man doing so got beat up by Lakers fans.

Considered by most Lakers fans to be the greatest ever to play for the franchise, Kobe Bryant passed away tragically at the start of 2020. A helicopter clash claimed his life and that of 7 others, including his daughter Gianna.

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The Lakers used his death as a rallying cry for their championship push. LeBron and Anthony Davis quoted him whenever they could. James even got a ‘Mamba 4ever’ tattoo.

Lakers fans beat up intruder yelling ‘F*** Kobe’ at championship parade

You would have to be a really brave and stupid man to disrespect Kobe Bryant’s memory in the presence of intoxicated, jubilant fans. But somebody dared to do so, and faced its consequences.

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Kobe Bryant has had a profound impact on many youngsters across the world. Some of the best players in the league today have modeled their game after his, picking his brain and his best moves.

Moreover, he was beloved by fans across demographics. There are only 2 players ever who’ve played 20 years or more for an NBA franchise.

Kobe gave the Lakers all he had, playing and winning in NBA Finals through injuries and niggles. He tore his Achilles at the end of his 17th season powering the team’s playoff push in 2013. But he still had the greatest farewell game by any sportsperson, dropping 60 points in his final game.


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