News emerging from the Clippers camp seems to indicate that Ty Lue will be changing their playstyle. Lue is tipped to use a motion offense as well as staggering his two stars’ minutes.

The Los Angeles Clippers, despite having the most even spread of talent among all NBA teams, could not find a higher gear in the playoffs. They succumbed to a lack of conditioning and a gameplan.

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The Denver Nuggets ran them ragged in the second halves of the final 3 games. It was a meltdown for the ages as the Clippers blew 3 straight double-digit leads and a 3-1 series lead.

The changes Ty Lue is expected to make for the Clippers

According to The Athletic’s Clippers beat writer, Lue is willing to stop favoring iso plays. He will be incorporating more off-ball movement and ball-sharing responsibilities across the roster. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will see less court time with each other.

Lue will also be giving more floor time to his young players like Ivika Zubac, Terrance Mann and Landry Shamet. They will be investing in playing more zonal defense and come up with different pick and roll variations.

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Lue has received mixed reviews for his time in Cleveland. While he empowered LeBron to do his thing, he also messed up rotations quite often.

Lue was a schemer able to pick apart teams using LeBron as his primary offensive weapon. He now has 2 amazing swingmen at his disposal in Kawhi and Paul George.

The Clippers will look to add a playmaker to their roster this offseason. They might throw a contract in the neighbourhood of $10 million for somebody proven, like Rajon Rondo.


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