“It’s clear that the Rock wants it to happen” – Paul Heyman claims The Rock floated the idea of a match with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.

The way Roman Reigns story has been told since returning to the WWE at SummerSlam, many have predicted The Rock to face his cousin at the grandest stage of all. Both Reigns and Rock have spoken on the prospect and appear to be eager for a face off. However, Paul Heyman claims that the People’s champion is the one who desires the match more than his client and is in fact, one among many in line to face the tribal chief.

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In an interview with  The New York Post, Heyman claimed that no one in the wrestling industry was on Reigns’ level. So high is he on the totem pole according to the advocate, that the Rock is just another name on the list of legends who have called Vince McMahon for a possible showdown with Reigns.

Paul Heyman claims The Rock floated the idea of a match with Roman Reigns

“Right now there is no one in this industry that is on Roman Reigns’ level and The Rock recognizes it or he would never have been the first person to float the idea (of a match),” Heyman claimed. “The Rock floated this idea. Roman Reigns didn’t even have to mention The Rock’s name.

“It’s clear that the Rock wants it to happen. And The Rock is not the only one, I might add. There’s a line. There is a list of phone calls for Vince McMahon to return of high-profile, WrestleMania, main-event legends that are just aching to get the rub from Roman Reigns at this moment.”

The Rock is one of the biggest names in wrestling. A match with his cousin, who is arguably the most popular modern day active wrestler today is a blockbuster waiting to happen. There is a chance that nothing comes of it at the end. If it does however, this is one that would place right next to Hogan vs Rock or even Cena vs Rock.

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