Archers are few and far in Genshin Impact and their importance in the game is immense. Fischl is one such top rated character wanted by everyone.

Fischl is a mysterious character found in the game. She has the Electro vision and travels witha raven. Although she belongs to Mondstadt its easy to mistake her for a foreigner. Her affiliations lie with the Advenurer’s Guild, where she demands immense respect.

Fischl’s Story –

She calls herself “Prinzessin der Verurteilung” and travels with a night raven named Oz. She serves as an investigator in the Adventurer’s Guild. Fishcl is an eccentric persona and very unique abilities. With her hard work and skills became a rising star among the Adventurers’ Guild’s investigators, earning the recognition of all.

At first no one was able to understand what she was saying. But with the help of the raven Oz, she became an investigator. She is someone who’s reconnaissance is swift and her intelligence accurate, skills which prove to be invaluable.

The stats and best build –

Fischl comes with a 5 star rarity rating and uses a bow. She is of the element Electro. Her strengths are using powerful Lightning attacks with Oz, her raven. With the bow she can attack from a distance and Elemental burst covers a major area.

The 4 star bows – The Stringless and Rust are the best bow builds you can use on this character. Fischl morphs into the raven Oz and deals damage to a wide area. However, this can be difficult to control. Her stats at Level 20 are –

HP Attack Defense Elemental
1,979 171 128 0

Obtaining Fischl –

Again Fischl being the rarest characters its very hard to obtain her. She isn’t available in any sstory mode quests yet. So, players have to rely on the games gacha mechanics and uses wishes. Using the Venti banner increase your chances.

With the Electro element and the Raven, Fischl is one of the best characters and players will be very eager to use Fischl in game.

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