Shannon Sharpe and Snoop Dogg had some fun at Skip Bayless’s expense yesterday morning. They accused him of defacing the LeBron mural in LA in hilarious fashion.

Shannon Sharpe is over the moon following James’s 4th championship win. The Pro Football Hall of Famer has always been a huge fan of LeBron.

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He even brought a live goat into the Fox studio on Monday in celebration of the Lakers’ win. Sharpe is having a great time at Skip’s expense since the last month or so. This might still be the funniest of all those moments.

Snoop Dogg and Shannon Sharpe have some fun at Skip Bayless’ expense

Given that he’s a resident of LA and LeBron’s most well-known hater, Skip perfectly fits the bill as someone capable of defacing the LeBron James mural.

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Shannon started it off.

“They’re putting up a NEW mural. I bet they won’t deface that one, Skip! You were doing it. YOU were defacing the mural.”

Snoop chimed in supporting Shay Sharpe.

“Skip, you were doing it, I got footage of you spray painting that LeBron mural. I’m going to show that footage later on this tape.”

The manner in which Shannon brings up Skip’s hate in this particular instance is nothing short of hilarious. The spontaneous support he receives from Snoop tops off the hilarity of the situation. Skip defends himself by saying he’d never stoop that low. But given his TV persona and well-known hatred of James, is that really the case?


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