Why will Genshin Impact come on Xbox? miHoYo’s attitude towards the console market has more hidden signs then you may at first have thought.

The fact that Genshin Impact hasn’t made to Xbox One remains a major surprise. For a hit as big as Genshin, you’d expect both Microsoft & miHoYo to run to each in a warm embrace. It seems like a win-win for everybody, doesn’t it? And yet, for some reason, the game still hasn’t made it to the Xbox yet!

Is Genshin Impact even coming to Xbox?

Well, we could answer that question better if you told us which one. That’s because the miHoYo heads have already made it clear in a previous interview that the game will not be showing up to Xbox One in the near future. However, they did also add that the next-gen consoles will all get the game. And that includes the next-gen Xbox X as well as the Xbox S.

But again, two questions still hang to our lips – “why?” and “when?!”

What miHoYo isn’t telling you

Now, with just about any new game, the workload on the game devs in a major factor. However, it is all the more so for surprise hits especially. We have seen the struggle that Among Us Devs have had to go through over the last 2 months. It hasn’t been easy to get the game optimized for the immense player pool it suddenly hosted.

Genshin too seems to be suffering from the same thing and here are the signs. The Nintendo Switch release is not only due but miHoYo seem to be in no hurry to get to it. Also contrary to recent rumours and fake news, their next three updates are also a decent duration away.

Moreover, the devs are focusing a lot on the next-gen consoles as well. What this tells you is, they already have their hands full to expand any further. And that is why, between the Switch and Xbox One, they had to make a sacrifice.

Older gen consoles will soon be a thing of the past with newer ones on the horizon. And given miHoYo’s enthusiasm for the next-gen Xbox consoles compared to the old ones, we can be pretty sure, they’ve shifted their focus to the future. So, the Xbox One skip seems to be a prudent decision to manage overload. miHoYo has sacrificed a little bit short term, to gain more in the long run.

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