Adam Gase ‘s latest blunder should prove to be costly. The Jets HC allowed Mekhi Becton to enter the game, leading to further damage to his already injured shoulder.

Gase really is the gift that keeps on giving. That is, unless you’re a Jets fan of course. It’s sad to think think that a mistake like this, which hurts a young athlete, will likely go under the radar compared to some of the other 2020 Gase moments.

However, you shouldn’t underestimate the gravity of the situation. Now, the Jets are exposed on the left side of the o-line with both Becton and Alex Lewis injured.

These are just a couple in a long list of injuries that the Jets have to deal with. Whoever ends up playing on the left will be protecting Flacco’s blind side as Sam Darnold is also ruled out for week 6.

The unfortunate part of the Becton situation is that it was so avoidable. Why play your top draft pick, arguably the future of the franchise, when he clearly isn’t healthy?

It was neither a high stakes game nor was it even remotely competitive. The Jets got blown out by the Cardinals anyways, losing 30-10, so what was the point of risking Becton as a backup?

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Should Adam Gase Be Fired?

It has long been clear that Gase is by and far the worst head coach in pro football. If Dan Quinn lost his job for the Falcons’ rocky start, there’s absolutely no defending Gase.

It is obvious that he garners little respect in the locker room and this became ever more important after the Le’Veon Bell fiasco. Their relationship hasn’t been the greatest since Bell arrived in NY, but you have to put certain things aside if you want to win games.

When asked about losing Bell, Gase said “It’s irrelevant”. According to Gase, losing one the best and most proven backs in the league is irrelevant. Not to mention, the Jets have voluntarily taken a huge cap hit by cutting him.

The obvious indication of Gase’s performance would be the Jets’ 0-5 start. Now, the Jets have made it clear that Gase has the job for the season, but they shouldn’t be too surprised if they go winless. At the moment, there’s no reason to believe this team can win a game.

Another fitting stat is the Jets’ lowest scoring offense in the NFL. Of course, the play calling is done by none other than Adam Gase. It was reported that the Jets were considering a change in play calling responsibilities but Gase’s subordinates voted against it.

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