LeBron James honors the late Kobe Bryant with a heartfelt post on Instagram, following the Lakers 2020 championship.

LeBron James’s decision to take his talents to La La Land in the 2018 offseason received an inordinate amount of hate online; surprisingly from Lakers fans.

Lakers fans believed James would never live upto the expectations he built up, and more importantly, would never live up to the legacy of Kobe Bryant.

It is hard for anyone to live up to the legacy Bryant built for himself in Los Angeles but after 2 years in Los Angeles, the King finally delivered on his promise to bring a chip to the city; and won it in honor of his friend, Kobe Bryant.

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LeBron James dedicates the 2020 Lakers championship to Kobe.

With the untimely and unfortunate passing of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant this past January, the narrative surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers shifted entirely, and almost everyone in LA was demanding LeBron and the Lakers win it all in honor of Bryant.

Well, upon doing so, LeBron could not help himself but to post an emotional message on Instagram, saying, “Hope I made you proud my brother!! Love and miss you Champ!”

Alongside his message for the Black Mamba, he also posted many images, including an edit of himself with the Black Mamba jersey on his lap, and a tweet he posted on the day of Bryant’s passing.

LeBron and Kobe’s relationship

Though the 2 had built up a strong friendship off the court, on the court, they battled it out as if they had met each other.

LeBron-Kobe duels were always a spectacle to look out for as they never backed down against one another. This is seen as a sign of respect among athletes.

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Kobe, according to Magic Johnson, was also at the forefront of recruiting James to come to the Lakers back in 2018.


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