“I don’t want to go back to how it was before”- Lewis Hamilton reflects on the pace of life before the pandemic enforced a lockdown.

Lewis Hamilton, according to himself is enjoying the slow-paced calendar of F1 with the pressure of a limited number of races this year, as the pandemic forced certain countries to withdrew themselves from organizing Grand Prix.

Before the pandemic kicked in, he was generally involved in other financial commitments in between the races, but that changed as he is supposed to avoid any contact with the COVID-19.

Under the Formula 1 bubble, life is probably calmer than before, and Hamilton opines that he doesn’t wish to go back to that hectic times.

“I think this year has been a learning year with this pandemic,” said Hamilton. “I’ve definitely had a lot of time to myself. I’ve had a lot of time at home in my bubble.

“Which, on one side, has been not always the nicest. But then it gives you time to reflect and to really be present.” He said that despite the disruption, he doesn’t want to return to living his life exactly as he did before 2020.

“I think in the past, life was just so fast. You’re bouncing from one race to the next, one event to the next. It was way too fast-paced a life. Even hopefully, when this thing passes us, I don’t want to go back to how it was before.”

Work on diversity will not stop.

Hamilton, during these months of the pandemic, has intensively voiced about the social issues the world has been facing and also been a critique of Formula 1 for not having enough diversity.

In July, Hamilton launched ‘The Hamilton Commission’, a new research partnership aimed at making motorsport “as diverse as the complex and multicultural world we live in.”

The Briton driver says the work on it will not stop “There’ll be a lot there’s still lots of conversations, the Zoom calls that I have with Formula 1 in terms of their plans.”

“I’ve still got a lot of Commission calls that we continue to have every week. So I’ll be back in work mode.” he further added.


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